AS-level and A-level Computing Resources

Some of the resources on this page are available for free download. If you wish to make use of them, you may also wish to make a donation which will offset production costs.


All you need about OOP. [pdf file, 208Kb] or [Word Document, 85Kb].  Originally written for CPT4, this remains good for COMP3

Random Access Files example (Pascal/Delphi). [pdf file, 137Kb] or [Word Document, 55Kb]

Encryption, Digital Signatures, Digital Certificates. (also as [pdf file 124Kb] or [Word Document, 43Kb] ).  Also originally written for the old CPT5 specification, this remains useful for COMP3

Delphi Howtos

A Collection of Delphi Worksheets mostly
arising from A-level Computing Projects.

over 290 pages of detailed examples of how to do all kinds of things in Delphi that project students want to do - including ways of producing professional-looking printouts from programs, linking to databases of various types, networking, and many other topics. UPDATED November 2007.
NOW REDUCED IN PRICE - October 2011 (But still highly relevant).
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