Sheet Music Publishing/Printing

I have for some time printed sets of choral music copies for use by my choirs and others.  This includes short pieces such as anthems (Parry's I was glad,  Handel's Zadok the Priest, Stanford's Beati Quorum Via, and many others) but also full choral works (vocal scores such as Haydn's The Creation,  German's Merrie England,  Elgar's The Black Knight, Vivaldi's Gloria and many others).  Longer works are spiral bound, but I can bind books up to over 100 pages as a centre-stapled A4 book.  The copies are guillotined for ease of use.
I can produce such copies of music which is in the public domain at prices which are often no more expensive than a library hire charge - which allows choirs to obtain their own sets of copies at an equivalent charge to a library hire.  This of course depends on the size of the booklets needed, but please contact me for further information or a quotation.


I can also typeset music to order (using Sibelius software).  Again, please contact me for further information. 

Sheet Music for sale

I also have some arrangements, or music that I have typeset, available for download - some free, some with a charge. These are listed on my Music Sale page.