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Updated 16 August 2019
Recent items added (see below) - workshop with Bob Chilcott; new edition of Choirs on the Net Chorister newsletter.
Radius Opera - performance from the session we had in May - see their email. for booking info, or let me know - we may be able to make a block booking.

2019-2020 Prospectus


COFFEE DAY - Noel Clarke organised another of his popular coffee days at his home in Brockholes, on Monday 5th August.  Many thanks to Noel for doing this, and thanks also to those who supported it.  It was much enjoyed and appreciated by those who attended, and has raised some £360 for our choir funds.

Many thanks also for your performance at our summer concert, which was a great success (apart perhaps from a reduced audience size - competition from the cricket and tennis??).  Have a great summer!!

REHEARSALS are at Holmfirth Methodist Church, Thursdays 7.30 until 9.15 (normally).    New members welcome! As you know, we are low in numbers particularly in the tenor and bass sections - if you know of any able tenors and basses, do please invite them.

9 November 2019 - Handel Alexander's Feast
14 December 2019 - Handel Messiah
28 march 2020 - Brahms German Requiem

We are affiliated to MAKING MUSIC, an organisation which provides resources for choirs and other music groups throughout the UK and beyond.

SIGN UP to the Members' Newsletter - this will be emailed using MailChimp only infrequently (because the information will be on this page anyway) and will be used primarily for emergency purposes, e.g. if there is a short-notice rehearsal or concert cancellation or alteration.  You can sign up by clicking   here;  Mailchimp allows you to unsubscribe at any time too.  The MailChimp database is fully compliant with GDPR [General Data Protection Regulations].

Rehearsal Aids:
ChoraLine have produced a new "app" allowing you to download rehearsal material - see  www.choralineapp.com - I have fliers available at rehearsal for this.  The app is free, but there may be a charge for the downloads, which are likely to be of much higher quality than the free material I have previously recommended (mentioned below).

I've  been told about a music teacher who records rehearsal CDs and has built up quite a reputation, I believe.  You can order your own part from him.  Some recordings seem to be piano only, others include a vocal line.   He is called Quintus Benziger, on 01799 586269, and his business is the Saffron Choral Prompt.
See also:  http://www.saffronchoralprompt.co.uk/    and   http://www.quintusbenziger.co.uk/    for further details.

A good source of midi files which are useful for playing parts through if you have a computer is http://www.learnchoralmusic.co.uk/
Covered by this site:   Handel's Alexander's Feast   Handel's Messiah   Brahms' German Requiem
The midi player program I have mentioned before, MidiPlay_v2p6.exe  (actually this link is to a later version) will allow you to play files from this site, and adjust the volume of your own part to suit your learning.

It is likely that we will perform the Brahms German Requiem in German rather than in English translation - decision not yet finally made, but many of you want to do this, and certainly the work was written to be performed in German.  That being the case, there are several online aids to pronunciation - see YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ilw_aW0ncz0  or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxbvdwBwBhE .  There's also a written guide to pronunciation, with a translation, at https://www.choraline.com/files/Brahms_Pron_Guidebook.pdf

We still have a number of items for sale, proceeds to Holmfirth Choral Funds, including:  our 2002 CD Holmfirth in Harmony (which includes Last of the Summer Wine and Pratty Flowers, hated by some but loved by others!!!);  our 50th anniversary souvenir booklet,  a recipe book (recipes submitted by members a few years ago), and still a few copies of Postcard Pops, a cassette (if you remember these!) made some years before the CD, and also with performances of those favourite(!) pieces.   Speak to me or email me for details or to buy one.  These are of course also for sale to people outside the society (who may or may not be viewing this members' page!)

Geoffrey Lockwood


WORKSHOP WITH BOB CHILCOTT  - I have received this email from the Chapter House Choir

Dear Friend

Saturday 28 September 2019 – St Olaves Junior School, Queen Anne’s Road, York

We hope this will be of interest to your choir members

After previous successful events, we’re delighted to be hosting another of the hugely popular Bob Chilcott choral workshops, ‘Come and Sing’. Here’s why we hope you’ll join us.

Bob Chilcott has that very rare combination – a fantastic global performing pedigree AND unparalleled talent as a composer and coach. And as a former member of the Kings Singers, Bob is uniquely placed to share some of their exquisite musicianship and wonderful good humour with enthusiastic singers around the country.

More information and booking here.



Delightfully entertaining and always encouraging, Bob will take us through some great singing techniques that really work! And he’ll draw on some of his finest compositions to inspire us through the day (more below).

Here’s what the Royal School of Church Music said about the workshop in 2018:

“Bob Chilcott is a highly experienced and natural music leader, motivating each singer to give their best concentration and to sing whole phrases right from the first encounter with a piece of music. This paid early dividends with lovely shaping and phrases well supported (and well tuned).”

Tickets are selling well and places are limited – please book now.



Final details will be sent out once you have registered, but there will be tea, coffee and cold drinks at all breaks, and there is a cafeteria selling snacks and refreshments as an alternative to a packed lunch!



Bob’s workshop will introduce us to a selection of his best works:



Tickets for the whole workshop are just £20 adults, £5 under-18s, students and non-singing guests (limited spaces).


If you have any questions, please get in touch. Alternatively visit the choir website.

We hope to see you there!

With kind regards,

Chapter House Choir

On 1 May 2019, we received from Jennifer Goodman singing.jennyg@googlemail.com

Do come along to my lovely drop-in singing group - you'll get a warm welcome, lots of smiles and some great singing!


Drop-in singing group for all with Jenny Goodman - no auditions, no solos (except by choice!) all songs taught by ear so no previous experience needed. 

May 3rd - 19th July (no sessions May 31st & June14th)
10 til 12
Holy Trinity Church, Towngate, Holmfirth HD9 1HA

£7 (£5 if you're really strapped for cash)
or pay in advance and get a discount - £60 for the whole term (£30 if you're strapped for cash)

What do you get with Amazing Acapella? Lots of smiles, heaps of laughter, bucketfuls of glorious harmony - and a cuppa and a biscuit too!

Here's what the Amazing Acapellers say ....

"Fantastically friendly, fun-filled Fridays"
"We sing beautiful harmonies every week"
"Lifts my spirits every time"
"Friendly, fun and safe group to let your voice find itself"
"The music pops into my mind all through the week"
"Makes me more creative in my life"
"Excellent teaching - it really engages my brain!"
"A great way to make lovely friends"
"Singing on a Friday morning - a great way to start the weekend"
"Great sense of achievement"
"It makes me feel WELL"

No need to book - just turn up - for more info contact Jenny on singing.jennyg@googlemail.com or 07984 584923

Choral course run by Thom Meredith and his wife Lyn Hudson.  Printed flyers are available at our rehearsals:-

CHORAL SUMMER SCHOOL at Lincoln  - Download the full poster (includes more detail).

An email received from Phillip Tolley:

The latest edition (July 2019) of the British Choirs on the Net ‘Chorister’ Newsletter is now available online at  http://www.choirs.org.uk/chorister/july2019.pdf

 Please feel free to share this newsletter which I hope you will find both useful and interesting - feel free to print it off, forward or simply ignore.

 If you would like to view past editions of the ‘Chorister’ Newsletter please visit http://www.choirs.org.uk/chorister.htm

 Thank you,     Phillip Tolley

For those new to this mailing British Choirs on the Net,  www.choirs.org.uk,  is a free listing of over 4000 choirs across the UK.  Listings are both alphabetical and geographical.  The site was originally set up in 1995 to help people who were relocating to a new area/town/city to find new choirs to join. Since then it has grown into so much more, but retains the UK’s largest free listing of choirs at its core. To see how email data is collected and how it is used please visit www.choirs.org.uk/mailings.html



 British Choirs on the Net is a member of the Singing Network UK and an associate member of the Association of British Choral Directors (ABCD)

Several of you took part in the RSCM Festival in Leeds Cathedral on 23rd May 2015.  If you are not on my local church music mailing list, and you would like to receive information about upcoming events of interest to choir members, you can sign up the the mailing list at https://hudds.org.uk/churchmusic .   I've also some spare music copies from that event for sale at £3.50 each. 

Please try to communicate information with those of your colleagues who might not have access to web pages such as this.
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