File | Create New Direct

This allows you to create a new markbook file by entering directly a list of student names and their GCSE (or other) starting scores.

A reduced grid is produced, and focus is set in the grid, so you can type the first name. To prepare a new row for the next name, you can either use the mouse and click the Add Row to Grid button, or you can simply press [ENTER].

There are no sorting facilities in Markbook90, so ensure the order is correct. You cannot re-order the rows, but you can later (using Edit) insert extra row(s) at any position.

When you have entered at least one name, the Accept List of Names button appears. Click on this only when the list is complete. Its effect is to adjust the grid so that the names are now fixed, and prepare it for you to add the GCSE (or other target) scores, which appear effectively as the first work item column.

Notice the status bar at the bottom of the window - this gives warning messages, or other prompts at various times during program usage. In this case, you are reminded that at the present, you are simply creating a grid of data. This will become a markbook file only when you save it.

When you have entered the GCSE scores, you can either save the file there and then, or you can add marks and save later.