Edit | Add new student

This option allows you to add a further student and marks to the grid.

The grid is put into editing mode, and you should click on the row ABOVE the position for insertion of a new student. Ignore any colouring of cells in a different row. In the example here, Ivy's row was clicked. Any cell in the row will do.

The new row will appear, and you are asked to type in the student name to the box on the right, which now has focus, so no clicking is required. As you type in the name, it will also appear in its position in the grid. You can use the backspace key for editing at this stage if you make an error.

When the name is complete, click on one of the other cells in the new row in the grid. The name entry box now disappears, and the name is fixed. You can now type in the other data.

Remember that the new data only becomes permanent when you Save the file. (See the status bar at the bottom of the window).