Edit | Delete student

This option allows you to remove one row from the grid.

The grid is put into editing mode. If a row appears to be selected, ignore it - it depends on previous operations. The status bar gives the instruction - place the cursor on the row you wish to delete, then click that row. The row is immediately deleted, and the grid returns to non-editing mode.

Note that you can't delete one of the fixed rows.

Note that this deletion is from the displayed grid, not the file. If you have made a mistake, you can at this point re-open the file (File | Open) but do NOT save the file first! (You will be prompted to save the file - select No in this case). Note also that if you have to re-open the file in this way, the version to be re-opened will be the last version saved. It's a good idea to save the file before deleting a student, and maybe take a backup.