Reports | Work item rank order

This option allows you to print (or preview) a list of students for a selected work item (e.g. a test or exam), printed in rank order and to scale. This can be useful for visually producing grade boundaries.
On selection of the option, a side panel appears, allowing you to select how you want the names on the list to appear, i.e. full names, initials only, first name only, or first name plus initials. Note that "first name" here is defined as the part of the name appearing first in the names column of the grid. If you originally entered the names as surnames plus forenames or initials, then "first name" will be "surname". The name information is taken from this grid column.

You can ignore the "Labels on VA plot?" checkbox - this refers to Value added plots, not rank order.

If you don't want the default choice, click the appropriate radio button in this panel. Then click the column of the grid you wish to display in rank order. If you click the column before selecting the name format, you will not be able to alter the name format (except by cancelling the printout and starting again).

The Rave printout selection window then appears, showing preview by default. To actually print, select Print and click the button.